To help families really see who you are, we would like you to record a 30 seconds
video of yourself on your phone, camera or other device. You should speak in
English and/or Spanish.
We would like to know some simple things about you:
• Your first name only
• The country you are from, not the town or other specific location
• A little bit about you, your hobbies and the things you like
• Why you want to come to your host country
• What you hope to get from your exchange

Follow these tips to get a nicer video:
• Ask someone to film you, it will be better than a selfie video
• Set your camera or device in horizontal mode
• Sit or stand in lighted place
• Avoid noisy places
• Do not record for more than 30 seconds

The best way to do this is to be upbeat, happy and smiling, showing your excitement towards your upcoming exchange.
Your video will only be shown to potential host families by volunteers.
Once you do it, please send it to your contact person in the AFS office.
Thanks a lot and see you soon!



My parents/legal guardians and I understand that we are providing a short video/film
profile/audio files (the “Video”) to introduce myself as a prospective AFS program
participant, which AFS _________________the “AFS Sending Organization”) and the AFS
hosting organization/s operating in the country/ies where I am expected to be placed
(AFS ARG&URU) will use when matching participants with prospective host families in
the hosting country/ ies. In this context we understand and agree that the Video will be
shared with AFS Sending and Hosting Organizations staff and volunteers, with AFS
Intercultural Programs, Inc. personnel, and with prospective host families based in the
host country/ies that expressed interest or are expected to have an interest in hosting
AFS participants.
The videos will be distributed only to volunteers and prospective host families using
google drive protected file. Videos will be deleted after the placement is confirmed.
We further understand that prospective host families that will access the Video will be
required to agree to treat this information as confidential, to share it only with other
members of their immediate family that also agree to keep it confidential and to use it
for the sole purpose of assessing their interest in becoming an AFS host family.
We hereby give the AFS Hosting and Sending Organizations and AFS Intercultural
Programs, Inc. permission to use the Video as described above.
We also consent to the use of any printed or electronic material including personal data
that we provided to AFS Sending Organization in conjunction with the Video. We
understand that the Video will be kept confidential as described above and will not be
released to the public without our prior permission.
We understand and agree that the Video will be deleted promptly after the AFS
placement process is concluded.
We further understand that we can reach out the AFS Sending Organization] if we have
any questions about the Video or this consent form.